Laboratory of Nucleic Acids Derivatives Synthesis


Prof. Tomasz Ostrowski,




Dr. Grzegorz Framski,



















organic synthesis, nucleoside analogues, purine nucleosides, pyrimidine nucleosides, 1,2,3-triazole nucleosides, acyclic nucleosides, nucleotide analogues, pronucleotides, antiviral activity, anticancer activity, antibacterial activity, structure – activity relationship


Research offer:

Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with particular emphasis on modified nucleobases, nucleosides and nucleotides.



Standard equipment of organic chemistry lab


Scientific profile:

Laboratory of Nucleic Acids Derivatives Synthesis was set up in September 2015 and brings together three people working previously in the Department of Nucleic Acids Chemistry, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, PAS, headed by Prof. Adam Kraszewski (in the Group of Nucleoside Chemistry or in the Group of Pronucleotides). Research in the Laboratory includes the synthesis of purine, pyrimidine and 1,2,3-triazole nucleosides, sugar-modified nucleosides, as well as nucleotide analogues, focused on compounds with required physicochemical properties and potential biological activities.


Current research activity:

  • synthesis of modified purine nucleosides for the purpose of examination of their activities and mechanisms of action in cancer cells
  • studies on reactivity of 9-substituted guanine system
  • synthesis of new pronucleotides with potential anticancer activities and investigation of their metabolic pathways


Most important research achievements of Laboratory members:

  • synthesis of the series of tricyclic guanine acyclonucleoside analogues exhibiting potent antiviral activities and cytostatic activities in the experiments of gene/chemotherapy of cancer
  • synthesis of 5-alkynyl-1H-[1,2,3]triazole-4-carboxamide ribofuranosides possessing interesting antiviral properties, potential precursors of inosine 5’-monophosphate dehydrogenase inhibitors
  • contribution to preparation of 2-aryl derivatives of 5’-O-[N-(salicyl)sulfamoyl]-8-aza-3-deazaadenosine shown to inhibit the mycobactin biosynthesis and to demonstrate antitubercular activities
  • contribution to the studies on the application of chemistry of nucleoside analogue phosphonates in the synthesis of potential biologically relevant antiviral pronucleotides; preparation of highly active and selective anti-HIV (N-aryl)phosphoramidates
  • synthesis of the series of 3’-O-acyl 5-fluoro-2’-deoxyuridine derivatives as potential anticancer prodrugs
  • elaboration of the synthetic method for nucleoside α-hydroxyphosphonate monoesters
  • synthesis of morpholine-based herbicidal ionic liquids for evaluation of their toxicity and biodegradability


Current research projects:

  • Kinetin riboside and its analogues – analysis of their apoptotic properties and mechanism of action in brain cancer cells (UMO-2014/13/B/NZ7/02291); head: Prof. Eliza Wyszko; execution within 2015-2018.


Selected publications of Laboratory members (2010-2016):

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A.Kraszewski, J.Romanowska, M.Sobkowski, A.Szymańska-Michalak, J.Stawiński, J.Boryski, A.Lipniacki, A.Piasek

Nucleotide analogue, method of synthesis of nucleotide analogue, use of nucleotide analogue, antiviral pro-nucleotide, pharmaceutical composition.

European Patent No. EP 2630152 (2014)

United States Patent No. US 9,206,209 B2 (2015)