Department of Medical Biology


Prof. Mirosława Z. Naskręt-Barciszewska



Dr. Agnieszka Belter

 Iwona Gawrońska



PhD Students:
Paweł Głodowicz, MSc. Eng.












Key words:

methylation of  DNA human, brain tumors, cancer, RNA ,modified nucleosides,  miRNA,  ribozymes


Scientific profile:

The activity of the Department team focuses on searching of new molecular markers of human diseases based on nucleic acids and their derivatives. We have analyzed the presence of some modified nucleosides [5-methyl cytosine (m5C) and 8-oxoguanosine (8-oxodG)] in DNA (Fig. 1) of various diseases as well as in DNA from different trees. Using microRNA arrays, we analyze the expression of miRNA in brain tumors with different degrees of malignancy. New miRNAs as marker Glioblastoma multiforme have been found (Fig. 3).


Current research activity

  • Synthesis and properties  of new ribozymes and DNAzymes.
  • Structure of miRNAs.
  • Analysis of 5-methylcytosine contents in human DNA of human with different pathologies.
  • Evaluation cytosine demethylation process in plant DNAs.
  • Analysis of the ncRNAs (BC200) in brain tumors.


Most important research achievements:

  • Identification of a correlation between the level of DNA methylation and malignancy of brain tumors (Fig. 2).
  • Finding of decreasing m5C level  in DNA of cryogenic seeds of trees.
  •  Polish Prime Minister Prize and Poznan City Mayor Science Prize for Dr A. Belter thesis - Structural aspects of miRNA specific for brain tumors. Supervised by MZ Naskręt-Barciszewska
  • Magister diploma for Karolina Majcherek – The structure and function of the brain cytoplasmic RNA BC200.


Selected publications:

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Patent No.: US 8,946,400 B2


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Mirosława Zofia Naskręt-Barciszewska, Agnieszka Belter, Katarzyna Monika Rolle, Monika Piwecka, Patrycja Sosińska, Agnieszka Fedoruk-Wyszomirska
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