PhD Studies



General information

  • The IBCh PAS PhD Program offers the studies in biochemical and chemical profile.
  • Applicants are considered by the Examination Board on the basis of oral exam results in the second half of the last month of every quarter.
  • Exam dates are announced at two weeks before.
  • A student can apply for more than one position by taking the exam, in case there are more positions available in particular quarter. Once a student is admitted,  he automatically resigns from other positions available.
  • A scholarship is awarded to a student who obtained the best results from 0-5, whereas 3.5 is a minimum score necessary for admission. 
  • The candidates shall contact the Institute to schedule an initial interview with future promoter in order to better recognize the suggested research area.

Recommended literature

  • Biology course: L. Stryer. Biochemia  lub/i RK Murray, DK Granner, VW Rodwell. Harper's Biochemistry.
  • Chemistry course: J. Mc Murry. Chemia Organiczna lub/i RT Morrison, RN Boyd. Organic Chemistry.

Required documents:

  • An aaplication to the Director of the Institute for admission to the PhD Program (doc).
  • MSc degree (a copy) or document certified by a proper Faculty Office.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Other documents that present a candidate?s profile (awards, degrees, etc.)  optional.


For more information contact the Head of the Program:

Prof. Adam Kraszewski
tel. (+48) 61 852 85 03 ext. 181