Laboratory of High-throughput Screening



Radosław Pilarski, PhD Eng.




Jan Sadoch




PhD Students:
Marta Nolka-Szaszner, MSc








Laboratory affiliated to the Department of Natural Products Biochemistry



high-throughput screening, laboratory automation, intelligent systems, cell cultures, biobanks, reporter systems



  • Reporter systems building for plant and human cells B,
  • Transformation of human and plant cells,
  • Cell and tissue banking and storage,
  • Building chemical libraries for high-throughput screening,
  • High-throughput screening of chemical libraries,
  • Combinatorial optimization bioprocesses based on intelligent systems,
  • Automation and the throughput upscaling of experiments and biochemical analyses,
  • Cell cultures maintenance in bioreactors,
  • Production of media and supplements for cell cultures,
  • Protein production, purification and analysis,
  • Statistical analysis and data modelling.



  • Mitsubishi RV-7FLM - six-axis industrial robot dedicated to clean rooms with
    the 1.5-meter arm 
  • Agilent Bravo - liquid handling station for the 96- and 384-well plates
  • Formulatrix Tempest - combinatorial dispenser with 12 independent channels
    (4 stations)
  • Biotek Cytation 3 - plate reader integrated with the fluorescent and bright-field microscope
  • Agilent vSpin - automatic centrifuge on the SBS plates
  • Agilent Microplate Labeler - plate labeler with the barcode reader
  • Agilent PlateLoc - automatic plate sealer
  • Agilent Piercer - automatic plate piercer
  • Agilent vStack - automatic stackers for the SBS plates
  • Thermo Cytomat 6001 C4 - automatic CO2 incubator for 184 96-well plates
  • Metler Toledo Quantos -  analytic balance d=0.01 mg and the gravimetric system
  • Nikon Diaphot - fluorescent microscope
  • Sartorius AriumPro - water purification system
  • Enbio Microjet - manual ultrasonic sterilizer for liquids
  • Enbio SteamJet - manual steam sterilizer for laboratory materials
  • Knauer K7400-S - osmometer
  • Metler Toledo SevenExcellence - multiparametric pehameter and conductometerMetler Toledo UV5Nano Excellence - UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • Hettich Universal 320R - manual centrifuge


Ongoing research projects:

1. Evolutionary modeling physicochemical conditions for overexpression of viral replicons in plant liquid cultures (PLANTVIR).



2. Low molecular epigenetic modulators for induction pluripotent stem cells for regenerative medicine purposes (EPICELL).